Congratulations to all of our NYS Junior Nationals Medalists!

Silas Reive, West Point – L8 JE National AA Champion and Jr. National Team Member
Dante Reive, West Point – L10 JE US Championships Qualifier
Ethan Drake, Stumpf’s – L10 JN, 8th AA, 8th PH, 7th Rings
Jacob Fitscher, Stumpf’s – L10 JN, 3rd Rings
Joseph St. Onge, World Cup – L10 JN, 10th HB

Congratulations to all of our NYS Eastern National Champions!

Colton Hayes, Stumpf’s – L7, 1st FX

Gabriel Zybert, World Cup – L7, 1st V
Victor Dyakin, World Cup – L7, 1st FX
Matthieu Furno, Chelsea Piers – L8, 1st AA, 1st PB, 1st FX
Ryan Basile, RGA – L8, 1st FX
Alex Tomasula, Stumpf’s – L9, 1st AA, 1st Rings
Kole Landis, Stumpf’s – L9, 1st HB
Caleb Greenberg, Greater Buffalo – L9, 1st FX
Brayden Wilhelm, Greater Buffalo – L9, 1st Vault, 1st HB
Luke Sykora, Bright Raven – L9, 1st AA
Elijah Ewell, Ace – L9, 1st FX